RICH REVIEWS: Ruination # 3

Title: Ruination # 3
Publisher: Curious Perspective Comics
Writer: Ryan Bis
Editor: Nicole D’Andria
Lines: Giulia Lalli
Colors: Kaytee Brown
Letters/Graphic Design: Matias Zanetti
Main Cover Art: Rio Burton
Variant Cover Art: Ann Maulina, Linnea aka Papurrcat
Back Cover Art: Laurel Dundee
Apollo Splash Page: Emma Southey-Ray
Price: $ 2.99 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Naira and Keila have a fight. Raechel stands up for Naira, Raechel fears nothing and no one. Naira uses a newfound crystal and the magic within it to heal. She also has help from Keila and Raechel.
The story does flow smoothly and Keila is always entertaining in how she treats the others. Naira’s wolf Apollo is drawn strong with a vicious look for some and a friendly one for others.
The Crystal or Ice Palace is very beautifully colored. The number of crystals around the entrance is overdone but overall it is a gorgeously designed structure.
Dante is still trying to find his sister and here he may have. His love for her is easy to see. Raechel is still not talking but she does have some fun. This young girl is truly amazing.
This issue does not have a lot happening. It does have some wonderful art to see though.
Four adults, two children, and a wolf this group is growing. The women are magic users and both great warriors. Naira and Keila are women you should respect.

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