RICH REVIEWS: Ruination # 1

Title: Ruination # 1
Publisher: Curious Perspective Comics
Writer: Ryan Bis
Editor: Nicole D’Andria
Lines: Giulia Lalli
Colors: Kaytee Brown
Letters/Graphic Design: Matias Zanetti
Cover/Back Cover Art: Rio Burton
Concept Artist: Emma Southey-Ray
Price: $ 1.99 US (digital)
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Saldyria or Caldanna it is unclear which and the Fallen are at war. There are a few interesting characters and some fighting. People are after some jewels. More of an explanation as to what is going on and who these people are is needed.
The illustration and the coloring of the birds shown is stunning. The art here is breathtaking. The ghosts or spirits as well look amazing as they drift around.
A mysterious woman who has certain abilities helps out a father and his children. Who is she? A name would be nice. Keila finally the father calls her by name but no one ever told him her name.
The story needs more focus and to make itself more clear on what and why things are happening. Plus the characters need to be introduced even if it is a short one. We need to know who they are so we care about what happens to them.
Keila is an amazing woman and well-illustrated. She stands out here.

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