RICH REVIEWS: Powers Squared

Title: Powers Squared (GN)
Publisher: Powers Squared
Created by: David Hankins, Paul Hankins, Trevor Hankins
The First Adventure (Issues 1-2)
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Art by: Sika Murti
Colors by: Rory Richards
Letters by: Trevor Hankins
With Great Powers (Issues 3-5)
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Art by: Sika Murti
Colors by: Paige Redbird
Letters by: Trevor Hankins
Remaster (Issues 1-5)
Written by: David Hankins and Paul Hankins
Letters by: Trevor Hankins
Cover by: Rachel Wells
Cover Colors by: Julia Canon
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The First Adventure
  Marty and Eli are twins. They do get into some excitement. They are helping out their Uncle Brian.
The art is rough but with a cute style. The art shows off the boys and others going about their normal lives.
Then we go back a few days. The twins do show signs of powers. We see them at their new school. Now their teacher seems up to something. She knows a Dr. Horatio Atlas who seems sinister. What is he up to, who does he work for?
A mysterious girl Mocha shows up as well. What are her intentions? She is illustrated as beautifully.
The twin boys do work well together. Reading each other’s thoughts is done in a way that it is not overdone but enough so you know something different is going on.
You get to meet the main characters and learn a little about them. There is some action and excitement. The story starts to unfold and sets up for more.
The colors pop here and the lettering for actions and sounds jumps out at you.
Next, we see the boys’ origin. It is short and to the point and explains things well enough especially if you know the legends of Kitsune. If not it still gives you enough information. That plus the fact they have the Viribus compound in them too. Marty and Eli do have special abilities.
Fort Far Away, what a cute name for a fort in the middle of nowhere. There Dr. Atlas has plans for the twins.
The twins and Kitsune go into action on a rescue mission at Fort Far Away. It is interesting to see them using their abilities and the way Kitsune guides them.
The twins are shown misusing their abilities and it is played down. Using their abilities to invade the privacy of an innocent for selfish reasons is wrong. That wrongness is just skipped over here.
The adventure has just started for Marty and Eli these two teen boys lead a normal life, school, friends, family yet they now have started on another part of their lives. They are more than just two teens, so much more.
  With Great Powers
Marty and Eli start their day off just like any other teen boys. Then we see they are not so ordinary.
The art is simple and basic as Jennifer is drawn cute.
The twins Marty and Eli do go about their school day. They are just a couple of boys who also happen to have superpowers. Dr. Atlas is still after them. They do have a guardian angel in Mocha the cute Kitsune.
Having the boys at least one of them having romantic feelings for a female classmate is a nice sidebar to the story. The boys are still misusing their powers and Mocha reprimands them just not very strongly.
It is kind of weird and cute at the same time as the twins talk to each other telepathically. The twin boys are written together as brothers and friends.
The twin boys Marty and Eli are just going through a regular school day. The boys bring home a teaching assistant that their uncle takes a liking to. So do the boys and she seems to be playing all three of them.
The more the boys use their powers the better they seem to get at using them. She is doing far more than just that. She is cute and has big breasts but she is working for the wrong guy. She is though still brought across as likable.
Marty and Eli are two boys just trying to live and enjoy their lives and chasing girls too. They enjoy their lives and the fact they have powers just makes it that much cooler. These teen boys are your average boys so except for the powers they could be you.
Eli steps up and talks to the girl he likes. He kind of stumbles a bit but forges ahead and keeps his cool. He does make a lot of progress.
Two men after the twins find out against twins with powers they should have prepared better. Here Marty discovers they have another power. They have lots of powers and they are shown enjoying that fact.
Eli and Jennifer are starting up a relationship. Young love is blossoming. The two boys in this regard behave as young men do. Jennifer is a cute girl and is drawn to show that. Overall the art in the comic is simple and basic yet it fits the story.
The boys using their abilities in public may not be a good idea. Do they want to draw attention to themselves?
Marty and Eli are just starting on their adventures as super-powered beings and learning more about their abilities each day. How powerful are they? They have so many powers.

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