Mommy’s Box

Summary: Nick, a music producer in New York City, is dealing with his own demons and chemical dependency as he gets the news of his mentally unstable mothers death. He returns home to Long Island for the wake, where family secrets are revealed, forcing him to confront the lingering influence of his mother even after her death. Back home, Nick finds a new love and a sense of spirituality he never believed in. By retracing his Mothers steps to learn more about her, he starts to find himself. This leads him on a journey he never expected and ultimately onto the path to redemption.

Title: Mommy’s Box
Produced by: Indie Rights
Cast: Johnny Greenlaw , Bill Sorvino, Carly Brooke, Joe D’Onofrio, David Harris, Gina Scarda, Kelly Karavites, Jen Dorcic, John Dorcic, Tom Rizzuto, Aimee Berlin, Will Mercado, Dylan Gutheil, RJ Meyer, Christine Copley, Sean King, and Alex Leonn
Directed By: Johnny Greenlaw
Run Time: 90 min.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: The opening does get you thinking about what is in the box. Nick will not find out until his mother dies.
Yes Nick’s mother does die years and years later. So Nick he is a complicated guy and we see he is aloft but what is the reason for him being aloft. He goes with his brother to help handle the arrangements.
Nick does start getting glimpses of his childhood with his mother. We also find out Nick’s mother was a unique individual. She was a character.
The more you see of Nick the more you feel for him. He does seem like an outsider. As the movie goes on that starts to change.
The box is forgotten about.
Nick starts to fall in love and it does not go how he wanted. Than he goes back to trying to push everyone away. He becomes a real SOB but only for a short time. He was hurt after all.
Nick does get the key to the box. As Nick’s life goes on the movie does get emotional. As Nick relives more of his memories he realizes just how much he loved his mother.
The ending is so emotional on so many levels. Its sad and happy both. An ending leading to a beginning.


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