RICH REVIEWS: Sleigher: The Heavy Metal Santa Claus # 1

sleigher01_sdccvariantTitle: Sleigher: The Heavy Metal Santa Claus # 1
Writer: Rob Harrington, Adam Horrigan
Artist/Cover: Axur Eneas
Colors: Alessandro Alessi
Letters: Chas! Pangburn
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book contains the type of holiday havoc only seen on Black Friday
Sleigher is one tough looking Santa Claus and he has a Cardinal that needs a butt kicking. Cardinal Lowe is full of surprises that make him powerful. These two have it out and the Sleigher is full of tricks to. This is not the Santa Claus your used to or have ever seen before.
The Leppaluoi and the Yule Lads are a bunch of horrible what ever they are creatures.
We get a look see at the new Santa’s workshop and it has been updated. Magic and tech do combine well.
The Christmas tradition is way different in these pages. Its rock and roll and hard as nails with the Christmas spirit in there somewhere.
So Sleigher has some enemies and they send a Demonic Snowman and Ice Zombies. The zombies look kind of lame but the Demonic Snowman is exactly that. Its thrashing time! So tune in next time to see how it all turns out as this cliffhanger will leave you wanting to know how it all turns out.

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