ART’S REVIERWS: Modern Times : Jeff Deischer’s New Argentverse novel

Jeff Deischer’s Argentverse series continues with this new novel “Modern Times”.  This series is an homage to the Silver Age of Comics that most of us remember.  These stories have the same types of heroic battles between Superheroes and Supervillains that we thrilled to in the 1960s and 1970s.  “Modern Times” actually takes that same spirit into the early part of the 21st Century.  It is comprised of three parts that at first seem to be separate but eventually reveal an underlying common thread.  Jeff writes a more adult type of story that is different from his earlier forays into the Artgentverse.  There are secret, twists, and surprises as the story unfolds.  If you love superheroes and comic action this is the book for you!


And as always there are exclusive revelations about other upcoming publications along the way!


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