RICH REVIEWS: Marvel Action Avengers Year Two # 1

Title: Marvel Action Avengers Year Two # 1
Publisher: Marvel/IDW
Written by: Katie Cook
Art by: Butch Mapa
Colors by: Protobunker
Letters by: Christa Miesner
Cover by: Butch Mapa
Variant Cover by: Jacob Edgar/Colors by Protobunker
Avengers Created by: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: The Avengers get a day off to relax and have fun. Most leave but Thor and Ant-Man hang out together and have a little mission of their own. Their adventure leads them into a confrontation with the Trickster God himself Loki and Thor’s half brother.
The art is so fun looking. Just seeing it will brighten your day.
Thor and Ant-Man do have a fun-filled fight with some porcelain dolls grown to giant size.  These two do enjoy their day off at the flea market which does not have fleas. It does have lots of ceramic figurines.
This is an all-ages comic perfect for the younger readers yet still fun for any age. You will love hanging out with Thor and Ant-Man and going along with them as they go on a quest to save hurting the Black Widow’s feelings. It is a mission of honor.

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