GUEST REVIEW: Collectors

If you only read one webcomic per month, then Collectors is the one for you, True Believer.

If you recognize those words, then you’re probably too old to still be reading comics, and you have a wife that might shake her head at your immature boyish love affair with comics.

And if that’s the case, Collectors is the strip for you. Simple, hilarious, and fairly accurate to what married life is like when a bonafide loving strong woman. meets protracted adolescence.

Based on the real lives of comic book store owner and writer/artist Eddie DeAngelini and his wife Kristen, this is a must-read to anyone of us that grew up reading comics in the 70s and are in similar wedded bliss.

And the best part is that Collectors get collected in print form, with 4 volumes already out.

Check it out. Link below.

You won’t be disappointed.

Mike Melanson


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