Diamond Comic Distributors Coronavirus Impact Survey

We continue working with our publishing partners on programs to support the retailers in this difficult time. We have spoken to many of you in the past two weeks, but anecdotal reports do not give us the information we all need to craft the best plans.

To that end, we have built a survey that can be found on our Retailer Services Website. We’d appreciate your taking the time to complete it as soon as possible, as we have more meetings planned for next week and this information, combined with the feedback you’ve been providing, will be invaluable.

As all our businesses continue to be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and government efforts to contain it, please consult our Coronavirus Resources page for regularly updated information that we hope will help you better weather this situation and emerge successfully when we are all able to return to operations.

We hope that these measures will help keep you, and your business, healthy. We thank you for your trust and encourage you to keep sharing your future ideas and suggestions as we forge ahead.

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