RICH REVIEWS: Macbeth The Red King Edition

Title: Macbeth The Red King Edition
Publisher: Luca Comics
Story by: Shaun Manning
Art by: Anna Wieszczyk
Price: $ 20. 00 Can.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter 1: The King of Moray
Macbeth is shown here on the battlefield he has aspirations of becoming High King. The art is perfect for this story. It shows off the time period wonderfully. Now Macbeth on the battlefield is not an honorable warrior. His son is less than perfect. The way to story is written it is told using olden words making it a little hard to understand it all. Macbeth and his stepson do get along. Macbeth may make a good King but only for those who serve him loyally.
Chapter 2: The Red Queen
Malcolm is a Deposed Prince one who may one day become High King of the Scots. Macbeth does have a Queen who is sensible. She can run the country for a brief time while he is away. Maybe she can do it better than him.
Macbeth visits the Pope in Rome. While at home the Queen runs things. There are some lovely illustrations of expressions on the people.
Chapter 3: Siege
Macbeth is in battle here again. There is a good deal of fighting in this book. Macbeth has enemies on all sides of him. Royals are plotting against him and each other. Macbeth’s enemies join forces to destroy him.
Chapter 4: The Red King Falls
Here the two men wanting to be King both push for it but one pushes harder than the other.
The telling of this tale and the art that accompanies it are both beautiful to behold.

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