RICH REVIEWS: Cognition # 0 

Title: Cognition # 0
Publisher: Cognition Comics
Script & Letters: Ken Reynolds
Art: Sam Bentley
Price: free online
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “They Never See it Coming”
Three people a guy and a woman plus a mouse and a robot are working for the British Occult Secret Service. They go around outing frauds in the occult. What they really want though is the real thing and they are more than just humans. These four are professionals. The one guy is so much more, a demon perhaps? There is a lot of mystery surrounding this team. The black and white art helps set the atmosphere for this story it really makes the frightening part even more frightening.
“The Devil’s Fishing Hole”
The mouse and the weirdest one of the group enter a bar. They listen to the locals chat about what goes on in the marsh and what they think causes it. What is really going on is scary as all hell and what it takes to stop it is just as scary. The mouse Sigma gets to cut loose here and really enjoys himself. Sigma is no ordinary mouse he has power and wants to use it. The use of black and white does set the mood for this story.
“Frame Breakers” Here we see more of the robot and cat. This mouse Sigma is one scary rodent. You wonder how the robot contains it.
After the stories, you get a dossier of the characters. Calibre 507 is not a robot but an android and one from an earlier time. Sigma the mouse with a demon in it. Hattie Griggs is a beautiful woman who is focused. Silas Pope is the leader. These four make up a unique team to battle the forces of supernatural evil.
This book is presented as a paranormal series with adventures that are sure to thrill and chill.

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