RICH REVIEWS: Fun Adventure Comics # 6

Title: Fun Adventure Comics # 6
Publisher: Will Lill Comics
Writers: Ron Fortier, Troy Vevasis, Lloyd Smith
Artists: Erik Roman, Pencils by Gonzalo Martinez/Inks by Terry Staats, Aleksandar Jovic, Pencils by Phil Fried/Inks by Dick Ayers
Colorists: James Penafiel, Warren Montgomery
Letterers: Warren Montgomery, Jaymes Reed, Aleksandar Jovic, Dave Vance
Cover Art by: Harrison Wood/Colors by Warren Montgomery, Federico Sioc Jr
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Monster vs Machine”
Professor Llewellyn Pettibone has come to a small village to catch Frankenstein’s Monster. He brings an automation with him.
Archie the automation and Frankenstein’s Monster go at it in a brawl of the monsters. It turns out that these monsters even one made of metal have more heart and soul and emotions of caring than most humans do. Being made and created by a human does not make one as uncaring and heartless as one.
The art does portray these beings in a light that lets you know they are not monsters. They are judged solely on their looks when there is so much more to them.
“Satin’s Ways: The Perfect Murder”
A husband is in need of money and he comes up with what he thinks is the perfect plan. It is perfect just with a nice little twist. The characters are fun and the art good.
“The Scarewolf”
One farmer uses his brain to solve his wolf problem. The art is done in a cartoon style and looks cute. The poor wolf.
Toombora is one beautifully illustrated monster. This story has Toombora invading our realm. No man can stop Toombora. Amanda leads this monster on a chase. There are thrills enough here to make a thrilling story.
These stories are all full of monsters of all kinds so you are sure to find something you like.

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