RICH REVIEWS: Time Songs # 1

Title: Time Songs # 1
Publisher: Galaxa Freaks
Writer/Artist/Cover: Andrew Pawley
Price: free
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lots of beautiful colors and the art is weird and cute in its style. Captain Yeah is the hero of this comic. He is one freaky looking dude. Someone is stealing galaxies and Captain Yeah has to find out who.
This universe is filled with lots of weird and freaky characters.
It is hard to understand exactly what is going on and who these characters are.  All the traveling around but each place looks a lot like the last. More individuality in the settings and the characters is needed so each stands out on its own.
Dark Despair makes a cute evil looking dude with a demonic look to him.
The backup story has three monsters coming to Earth to cause destruction. These monsters find Earth not exactly what they expected. Poor monsters.
The colors are all beautifully done throughout this comic and they will grab your attention.

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