RICH REVIEWS: Magnificent Ashcan Edition 

Title: Magnificent Ashcan Edition
Publisher: Chimera’s Comics
Writer: Carmelo Chimera
Artist: Steven Brown
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a preview of the Graphic Novel which will be over ninety pages long.
The art is way too dark with too much black filler on the faces. The villain is played up nicely and illustrated well. Magnificent looks uplifting. Then the art goes back to using way to much black on the face of the villain.
This unnamed villain and Magnificent do get into one big brawl. The fight is mostly all in the villain’s favor. The ending may not be what you expect.
In the back, you get a brief profile of the Magnificent and the villain and his name is exactly given.
The story is great in the way it sets up what is to come. You will find yourself wanting to read the rest to see how everything turns out.
This Ashcan makes for a nice introduction to the story and its main characters.

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