RICH REVIEWS: League of Champions # 17

Title: League of Champions # 17
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Written by: Dennis Mallonee
Art & Cover by: Henry Martinez
Colors: Albert Deschesne
Letters: Dick O’Malley
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 5.75 Can
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: Icestar, Giant, and Jay-Na The Jungle Queen are trying to get home.
Jay-Na is illustrated as one gorgeous woman. She is in a nice pose as she surveys her surroundings. Giant is drawn confused. Icestar looks ready for anything.
These three heroes in this strange land face dinosaurs returned from the dead. These Champions do battle and it is Giant who is the best here. He can grow as big as a T-Rex. Superheroes fighting killer dinosaurs is so cool.
Then three mysterious figures attack.
These three Champions have a nice friendly way of working with each other. Giant and Jay-Na have a relationship going on but it is done in a strange way.
“Fox Hunt” Written by Dennis Mallonee, art by Ulderico Fioetti and letters by Dick O’Malley.
The fox is illustrated wonderfully here it pops out at you in an almost 3-D effect. Four golden skinned girls catch a fox that is not a fox.
There is a topless and bottomless girl so this is a mature comic. Raven does look good nude.
Raven does have a mysterious adventure here one that is not fully explained but one that leaves you wanting to know more. Plus she has a cute nude butt.

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