RICH REVIEWS: Crypt of Screams # 1

Title: Crypt of Screams # 1
Publisher: American Mythology Productions
Written/Illustrated by: Mike Wolfer
Cover by: Mike Wolfer & Ceci De La Cruz
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Brother Miedo narrates these chilling tales of horror. He is a dead cowboy type creature illustrated to give one the creeps.
“Speed Demon” Story & art by Mike Wolfer and letters by Natalie Jane.
A boy wants to save his mother’s life. It is about a horse race and about Owen getting revenge on an evil Sheriff. The story builds up nicely but loses its punch near the end. The art is well done with the mix of the old west and supernatural.
“The Pond” Story & art by Mike Wolfer, gray tones by Ceci De La Cruz and letters by Natalie Jane.
A young woman is approached at a pond by a mysterious gentleman. Clarice was wronged by one man and he paid for it. The art on that is graphic. The story is enthralling and will hold you until the bitter end.
“Burn Out” Story & pencils by Mike Wolfer, inks by Chris Warner, gray tones by Perry MacNamee and letters by Pat Brosseau.
It’s the future 1998. Here one man is hunting down alien invaders. They just happen to be dinosaurs and he finds one that is two hundred feet tall. This man gives it his all to defend his planet from these invaders. The story could use some more emotion in it. The art is gorgeously done showing off the man and the monsters.
This is a nice little collection of stories to be enjoyed at night.

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