Savage Dragon Moving To Canada!?!

Savage Dragon 227 Cover
Savage Dragon 227 Cover

Recently Erik Larsen posted this cover image to Twitter.

Following up from issue #226 where “a tyrannical madman assumes command of the United States, aliens are deemed a threat to national security and targeted for elimination-and that includes Malcolm Dragon and his family! With a country turned against him, Malcolm Dragon fights as he’s never fought before!”

Looks like that fight leads him to Canada. Welcome to the Great White North! Details will appear in the June 2017 Previews catalog.

Savage Dragon is an ongoing American comic book series created by Erik Larsen, published by Image Comics and taking place in the Image Universe.

Issue: Savage Dragon #227 | Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Erik Larsen | Artist: Erik Larsen
Letterer: tba | Editor: tba
Price: $3.99

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