RICH REVIEWS: Impure Blood Volume 1

Title: Impure Blood Volume 1
Publisher: NA Squared
Writer: Nadja Baer
Illustrated by: Nathan Lueth
Price: $ 19.98 US
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Abomination aka Roan is shown as a killer in the gladiatorial arena.  He is a big hulking creature. Now Dara is a cute girl with a cool attitude. Elnor a beautiful woman is capable of handling herself. Caspian is leading this group. They are a diverse group. They do have a mission to accomplish.
All four of this team have secrets and mysteries. All of them are written so you want to know more about them. These characters have a way of grabbing hold of you and not letting go. The story spends a lot of time on the characters while they are just hanging out and resting before they are off on their quest. You might think this part would get boring but the characters are so engrossing it holds your interest for everysecond.
It is hard to figure out the time period or even if this is Earth. Which adds to the mystic. The setting seems to be in the past yet we see signs of more modern things.
The city Dara and her friends are in is attacked by demonic metallic looking warriors.
The way Dara’s eyes glow is a sure sign she is more than she lets on. As we see she definitely is and she is the one taking charge. This slip of a girl is one take charge action oriented young lady.
This book has everything you could want action, excitement, battles, monsters and heroes. Dara is amazing and the greatest action/adventure heroine your likely to lay eyes on.

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