RICH REVIEWS: Offspring # 2

Title: Offspring # 2
Publisher: Correct Handed Productions
Created, Written, Penciled, Inked & Lettered by: David Whalen
Colors by: Jason Sylvestre
Price: £2.49
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A man is leading a cult and he stands ready to make a sacrifice. Things do turn deadly serious.
Vince and Will are picking up Sara so the gang is growing. Sara is enjoying herself on the dance floor when two guys decide to get to close. Vince and Will join in the ensuing fight. Vince certainly has a different way of handling himself in a fight.
Now here we learn that Sara, Vince, and Will are special and we get an idea which we did earlier as well at just how special. The introduction of powers or abilities does increase the interest factor in this story. Can a couple of friends handle a demon cult? Will the cult be too much for them? How will T.J. fair as his searchers have to found him yet? The suspense is building.
There is drama to as Vince likes Sara and she pretty much hates him. One wants the other and the other wants nothing to do with them. Sparks do fly and Vince may to if he is not careful.
So we have a team now assembled and with powers and they have a cause plus Sara is gorgeous. We also have a villain that we know will kill. Everything we need is in place and ready to go.

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