RICH REVIEWS: Fun Adventure Comics # 2

Title: Fun Adventure Comics # 2
Publisher: Will Lil Comics
Co-Creator/Writer: Llyod Smith
Co-Creator/Artist: Joe Koziarski
Coloring/Lettering: Warren Montgomery
Cover Art by: Bruce Cashman/Colors by Warren Montgomery
Price: $ 3.99 US, $ .99 US digital
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Midnight Stranger in “Between the Wish and the Thing…” Ben and the Midnight Stranger are working together so both get what they want. The Midnight Stranger’s use of his powers is something to see. Ben wants answers, can the Midnight Stranger get them without killing everyone first? The illustrations of the Midnight Stranger using his powers provides unexpectedness.
“The Paranormal Consultant” is written by Todd Jones, art by Lee Oaks and lettering by James Gaubatz. Mr. Slade helps out a family with their haunted house. He does have a unique way of handling things and handling the ghost.
The Black Bat in “Shootout at the Dry Martini”. The Black Bat is a hard-edged crime fighter. He lets the bullets fly fast and furious. The Black Bat is a hero in the style of Batman or the Shadow. He will strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

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