RICH REVIEWS: Fun Adventure Comics # 3

Title: Fun Adventure Comics # 3
Publisher: Will Lil Comics
Co-Creator/Writer: Llyod Smith
Co-Creator/Artist: Joe Koziarski
Colorist: Evan Evans
Lettering: Warren Montgomery
Cover Art by: Luis Rivera/Colorist Es Comic!
Price: $ 3.99 US, $ .99 US digital
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Midnight Stranger in “…for the Love of Money!” We find out Siege-L is the powerful being name who is helping Ben get his revenge and answers for a price. Together they are the Midnight Stranger.
This story is about a group of people out for money by killing others. Carrie, Malcolm, and Vinnie all face the Midnight Stranger for their crimes.
Midnight Stranger’s character is similar to DC’s Spectre.
The American Symbol stars in “Into the Fire!” written by Mark F. Davis, illustrated by Luis Rivera, colorist Es Comic! and lettering Warren Montgomery.
A Mystery Man jumps into action standing up to protect America. He will protect America from terrorists such as the Sea Czar.
“A Little Help” with plot/art by Ron Stewart, words by Ron Fontier, colorist Bobby & Jame Penafiel and letterer Warren Montgomery.
A man is met by beggars one after another as he walks down a street. Jack Saunders does give and give. The story has a moral that giving does come from the heart, not the pocket.

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