RICH REVIEWS: Fun Adventure Comics # 1

Title: Fun Adventure Comics # 1
Publisher: Will Lil Comics
Written by: Llyod Smith
Pencils by: Ernest Edwards
Inks & Letters by: David Vance
Colors by: Warren Montgomery
Cover by: Aileen Oracion
Price: $ 3.99 US, $ .99 US digital
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Alex Miracle in “The Threat of the Tentacled Terror”. Alex Miracle will remind you of Adam Strange.
The art has a nice retro style to it. Alex visits his love Adara on her planet Xenith.
Alex gets to fight a giant monster and comes up with a plan fast. He uses his knowledge of earth creatures to fight it.
The story is over fast and the adventure not that exciting. The characters are good they just need to be used better.
The Midnight Stranger in “Dreaming Men Are Haunted Men…” Writer Lloyd Smith, artist Joe Koziarski, coloring/lettering Warren Montgomery.
A man wants revenge. But how can he get it while in a coma? Siege comes to him to help him. Siege is a cosmic being. The man is given power and he uses it. The art is too vague and the story does get gory.
Captain Jain Marlee in “A Cold Demise” created by Ron Fontier, art by Luis Rivera and colors by Escomics!
The first page is a beautifully done pin-up of the Captain.
The story has the Captain listened to the details of a theft and she uses her deductive abilities to solve the case. How she does it is never fully explained.
Captain Jain Marlee is a cute likable person and one that is intelligent.

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