Title: Drums (TP)
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Writer: El Torres
Artists: Abel García, Kwaichang Kraneo
Colors by: Fran Gamboa
Cover Artist: Raul Allen
Lettered by: Malaka Studio
Illustrations by: Diego Galindo, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Luis Czerniawski, Renzo Podesta, Jose Angelares, Xavi Castillo and Abel Garcia
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Irons and Plotz two Feds are called in to help on a case that involves a cult. They have a massive death count on their hands. The Feds and police are unsure what all the people died from.
Irons has an episode that gives us a clue the deaths are more mysterious than any imagined. They were to protect against a great evil.
Michelle Hernandez is brought in to help on the case she is a Voodoo religion expert.
Irons seems to have some kind of connection to the religion. The art is a bit indistinct but it suits the style of story.
There are too many words used that unless you know the religion you will be totally lost as to their meanings.
The investigation keeps progressing. The Feds keep learning more about these deaths and none of it is good.
Then the zombies start walking. They are your traditional slow moving zombies. Seeing these things coming for you at night would scare the hell out of a person.
Detective Martin Irons, now he has something to him that is making him receptive to Voodoo. A possessed Michelle wants him dead or alive. Irons knows fear and he also knows bravery. He is willing to fight to save others. He is the main character and you will find yourself rooting for him as he faces all sorts of evil.

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