RICH REVIEWS: Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire # 2

Title: Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire # 2
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Written by: David Avallone
Art by: Dave Acosta
Color by: Morgan Hickman
Letters by: Taylor Esposito
Cover A by: Brent Schoonover
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Diving out of a plane, gun blazing, bodies falling as Doc Savage lands hard on a Japanese Submarine. Fists flying as he invades the Submarine. Now this is Doc Savage the man of action.
Renny and Tom are diving a wonderfully designed submarine. It is nicely colored as well.
So all the characters show up at Phoenix Island.
Doc Savage finds out they face his greatest foe. Who could that be but John Sunlight. Who is John Sunlight? This should be explained or at least a hint given. He does not seem all that evil.
The action is hot and heavy to start but dies down fast.
The plot has yet to be revealed why are the villains doing what they are doing?
Doc Savage is a living legend and it is exciting to see him in action.

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