RICH REVIEWS: The Misplaced Chapter 1

Title: The Misplaced Chapter 1
Publisher: TurtleBunny Productions, Inc.
Created/Written/Illustrated by: Chris Callahan
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: The art is gorgeously presented. The angel you first see and her glowing wings set against a backdrop set a magical atmosphere for this comic.
A man in Heaven relives his wife’s death. It is all he thinks about. All he wants is to be reunited with her.
Heaven is not at all what you might expect. James wants what most would not he wants out. Out of Heaven and paradise.
The Tree of Knowledge is definitely not what you expect.
As James searches for Anna his wife he leaves the ultimate place where dreams come true. He leaves Heaven. How many people would leave Heaven? He does and you will know how much he loves his wife. She is his Heaven.
The comic does end up taking some interesting turns. Right from the start you are cheering and hoping these two will be reunited. Ever in death love

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