RICH REVIEWS: Archie Jumbo Comics 75th Anniversary Celebration # 12

Title: Archie Jumbo Comics 75th Anniversary Celebration # 12
Publisher: Archie Comics
Script: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Bill Galvan
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colors: Digikore Studios
Cover by: Dan DeCarlo
Price: $ 6.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Magic Mayhem” This story is a play on Harry Potter. The school appears to be full of witches and Jughead is a wizard. All the girls want Jughead to take them to the dance and are willing to pull out all their magic to get him. Jughead is in control of this story so of course it ends with him eating. This is an amazing tale that will have you routing for Jughead and for his lovely date.
“Watts My Line?” Archie’s plans to impress Veronica do get a twist in them. He thinks he is so smart until he knows he is not. The poor love struck boy never seems to see it coming but when it arrives he sure feels it.
“Between Us Girls” The U.G.A.J. is formed and disbanded all in a day due to that girl hater Jughead. How can he resist the feminine wiles of all these girls? Well he is Jughead and he has one true love and its not girls. It is funny though to watch the girls try. Jughead is illustrated as Jughead and the girls are all cute.
“Electronically Yours” Even Jughead can not beat a computer and Ethel combined. Ethel is certainly not the most beautiful girl in school but she is determined. The art does bring out her personality.
“Brute Farce” Archie does assert himself with Veronica here. It lasts only so long until he asserts himself with another girl then the real tiger shows up.
“Nutrition!” Cute story about eating right. It also has a fairy tale ending.
“The Uninvited” Andrews and Clayton make a great team. Their teamwork solves problems. It is nice to see Archie working well with someone other then Jughead one on one.
“Boots” Only Jughead could cause such trouble with a pair of boots. Jughead has a way of making any item funny.
“Clowning Around” Sabrina finds out being a clown can be as much fun as being a witch. Sabrina is goodhearted no matter how she looks. She does make a cute clown to.
“The Clod of Thunder” Archie is a funny comedic version of Thor. He also comes with his Warriors Trio, Jughead, Chuck and Sayid. The story of Thor is played out with a Archie twist. Its fun to read and see this version.
“Mister Jughead” Jughead is taking money from kids and yes it is so touching it will bring a tear to your eye. Mister Jughead is truly one of the good ones.
Archie and Jughead are two well behaved teens that always manage to get into trouble. They do have so much fun doing it though and you will to as you go along with them.

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