“Archimedes” William Mull
“Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” Paul Kupperberg
“Greenhouse Effect” Roger McKenzie
“Destroyer” Lou Mougin
“Two Kingdoms” William Mull
“Twin Moons Over Theroin” Ed DeVore
“Archimedes” Paul Tuma
“Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” Sandy Carruthers
“Greenhouse Effect” Jack Snider
“Destroyer” Mike Montgomery
“Two Kingdoms” Dærick Gröss Sr.
“Twin Moons Over Theroin” Jeff Austin
“Destroyer” Jeff Austin
“Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” Matt Webb
“Destroyer” Dærick Gröss Sr.
“Archimedes” Paul Tuma
“Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” Sandy Carruthers
“Destroyer” William Mull
“Two Kingdoms” Dærick Gröss Sr.
“Twin Moons Over Theroin” William Mull
“Twin Moons Over Theroin” Roger McKenzie
COVER: Josef Rubinstien & Paul Tuma
PRICE: $4.99
SUMMARY: Finally have you arrived at the apogee of your journey.
Deepest dreams, adventures and horrors await!
Revelations from which you might not return!
Thus forewarned may you enter…

This is a horror comic in the tradition of the 70s DC horror titles like House of Secrets. I would like to think this is the same tradition but for older and more discerning fans but in reality, I think it’s for the same fans who just happen to now be older and more discerning.
“Archimedes” Is the two-page introductory story. It sets the mood like many of these type of anthology stories always has. With Archimedes as the host of the comic.
“Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” Did you ever have one of those dreams where you can’t scream. So does Kenny, only with an invasion of the body snatchers type twists. It is five pages that everyone can relate to. It shows you can still tell a compelling story in short form.
“Greenhouse Effect” Is a tale as old as time, a tale of greed, lust and murder. In seven short pages was a story a little more gruesome than expected but fully in keeping with the tone of the comic.
“Destroyer” This is a seven-page story set in the Middle East. A museum is desecrated and the curator sacrifices himself for revenge. It is the only story in the collection that has actual magic. Again, like “Greenhouse Effect” this story is more horrific than creepy.
“Two Kingdoms” Is another seven-page story. The story follows two Vikings and deals with amputation, magic, and brotherhood. The story stands out for several reasons. The color pallet on this story is much more muted than the rest of the comic. It fits the story and time period well but it also makes this story look and feel different from the others. Also, all the other stories are tragedies, and Two Kingdoms has a happy ending. I was surprised as it was unexpected and it was a nice change of pace.
“Twin Moons Over Theroin” This is a six-page story told in Space. As a sci-fi horror story, it gives a cautionary tale not to judge a book by its cover. I know exactly where we were going in this story from the first page. It is a classic tale as old as time. People just like cute things.
With an anthology comic, especially a horror anthology comic, you get a mixed bag of stories. Especially with a mixed genre comic that has creepy horror, magic horror, historical horror, political horror and sci-fi horror. Here all the stories although short were high quality and had just enough room to get their point across. The art across the board was top-notch. If you miss the 70s horror comic feel this is clearly the comic for you. We posted a preview of this comic in January and you can see it here. The preview is just of the lead story “Kenny’s Very Bad Dream” each story is very different from one another and well worth you time to check it out. You can get a print copy for $4.99 plus postage or you can get a digital copy from ComiXology for a discounted price of $2.99.

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