RICH REVIEWS: Spencer and Locke (TPB)

Title: Spencer and Locke (TPB)
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Writer: David Pepose
Artist: Jorge Santiago Jr.
Colorist: Jasen Smith
Letterer: Colin Bell
Cover: Jorge Santiago Jr.
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: You will be immediately reminded of Calvin and Hobbs.
Locke is a detective and Spencer well he is a big human type panther with a button eye. Or is he? Is Locke fully sane? That is a question to be answered.
Well, Locke is investigating a murder. He does get a suspect. Both the suspect and the victim were childhood friends of his.
The art is good and on Spencer really good. This big panther looks amazing. He is drawn both tough and cute at the same time. Is everyone related or friends in this comic. It seems like it.
The story a detective working to solve a crime is easy enough to follow. The other parts of the story, the weird parts are hard to follow.
Locke and Spencer are great characters just the story needs more focus.
So it’s Calvin and Hobbs all grown up and if they became homicide detectives.
The Red Rose is a club/bar/strip joint for all the cities lowlifes and high rollers.
Locke is a detective who is very brave. He is also a little crazy having an imaginary friend in Spencer a big human/panther.
Locke meets his old babysitter while investigating. Locke does look back on his childhood a lot.
We are treated to a high-speed car chase. These cars are drawn moving fast. The speed is extreme as the detective and the criminals race. The extreme race gets some extreme action and demolition.
You will be wondering did Locke save the girl? Who is the man who pulled Locke from the car? What about Spence, Locke thinks he is real but could he really be?
The mystery, action, and excitement along with a nice dose of crazy make this an entertaining read.
Locke is given a lethal dose of drugs and the results are an adventure of the hallucinatory kind. Rocketman Reynolds other than the drawl and foam coming from his mouth is drawn amazing with a wonderful futuristic look.
This story is so weird Locke is having a drug induced hallucination and Spencer is watching it. But Spencer is not really alive or is he? Majestrix Sophia aw is an alien beauty in Locke’s imaginary world.
The real part of Locke’s situation is that he is fighting for his life. Yes, he is holding onto a stuffed animal for support. The way the story flows there is always some doubt about whether Spencer is real or not. Plus Locke’s sanity is always in question. The story does keep you always guessing and wondering.
Locke meets with his father to save his daughter. Locke is a hero protecting his daughter.
Now the story keeping you guessing about Spencer is he real or imaginary? Is Locke fully sane it is hard to tell and that is part of the charm of this comic.
Locke’s daughter Hero now she is a real hero. Maybe her old man’s insanity is rubbing off on her.
Locke has a hard fought battle with his father. They do not get along at all. Well, one is a cop and one a criminal.
Well, our story ends this issue. There are a few twists and turns to it. The ending is pretty much what one might expect. Spencer and Locke continue on. They do make the best of partners.

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