RICH REVIEWS: Agatha Christine: Next Door Spy

Title: Agatha Christine: Next Door Spy
From: TriCoast Entertainment
Producers: Mette Valbjorn Skott, Fie Ornso
Co-Producers: Rodrigo Villalobos Caceres, Lina Jonsson
Executive Producer: Sarita Christensen

Voice Actors:
AC…Simone Edelmann Magelbjerg
Vincent…Oliver Butcher Herlevsen
Sanne…Kristine Sloth
Mar…Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis
Varunen…Sus Edelind
Kiask-Arne…Tommy Kenter
Vincent’s father…Dar Salim
Vincent’s brother…Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt
Skater guy…Harald Kaiser-Hermansen
Selfie pige…Mille Lunderskov
Lillebror Bertil…Vigga Bengtson
GPS stemme…Annevig Sifka Schelde Ellegaard Ebbe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Run Time: 1 hr, 20 min
Comments: Agatha Christine or AC is shown having a noir daydream of herself as a Private Detective. It is a short fun adventure for AC. She does this a lot.
The animation does have a cute style and look to it that makes AC likable. AC does have an old fashioned style look to her. The not lizard now he is a nice addition.
AC does find a crime to solve and she pursues it relentlessly. Her life though includes a mother who does not fully understand her.
AC is an intense character. She will have you focused on her every move. What is up with the non-lizard creature and why is it growing so much?
The show is full of drama. AC does have a hard time solving her case which has taken turns that lead to AC having to use her detective skills to help herself.
AC does learn to care about a boy named Vincent. Now AC does solve her case and in doing so learns of a bigger case. AC learns that there is more to life than playing detective. Yet there is nothing wrong with being a detective.
A mystery and romance blossom in these pages. AC does show us that she is one girl who knows what she wants.
This is one great little Danish animated detective movie.

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