Golden Apple Comics LA Rebuilding & Security Fund

Golden Apple is my local comic shop and my favorite place on earth. Last night, after some of the peaceful protests in LA, looting, fires and destruction began in the Fairfax District. Eventually, the angry mob moved onto the Melrose shopping district and ended up not only burning down the old shop location at 7711, but attempting to loot the current store at 7018 near La Brea.

Thankfully, they weren’t able to penetrate the inside security gates to get any product, but left a trail of damage at Golden Apple and neighboring shops.

48435974_1590977725665272_r.jpegThis fund is to raise money for my favorite shop to fix the windows and install new security measures. The front door glass was smashed along with one of the front windows in an attempted looting.  The money will help to properly board up the front of the shop for the next few days to deter any other destruction until new tempered glass can be cut and installed. In addition, they have to replace all the custom graphics to match the existing facade as well as other security measures.
48435974_1590977759392056_r.jpegThis shop has been serving the Los Angeles community for over forty years and needs help with these expenses due to violence and destruction of their property.  Any amount you can donate in assisting Golden Apple would be greatly appreciated. The shop was planning to reopen this Monday after being closed for the past two months due to COVID-19, now their plans and timeline have changed and need help to rebuild.
48435974_1590977792913833_r.jpegThe wood and labor will cost approx. $700, new door glass, windows and graphics at least $2,400. In addition, I think they could use other safety measures to ensure future situations like these. $3,000 is the bare minimum they need to help rebuild.
48435974_1590977858865226_r.jpegIf you cannot spare any money to help, please share this info with friends and co-workers that may be fellow customers to help spread the word for me.

Golden Apple is one of the last great stores in Hollywood for collectors like me and they need all of our help to stay and rebuild their business.

Thank you for considering to help my friends.

-Storms and the Golden Apple Corps


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