There is an eternal war between gods. Two brothers of royal blood want to break the cycle. But what is the cost?


Book of Lyaxia is a story of Gods. It’s also a story about family, betrayal, love, destiny and above all choices that are presented to us. It follows two brothers that are trying to end the eternal war that was going on between the warring families for eons.

Nexus however is not a place that forgives quickly and is not a place where the change can come easily.

What choice is there left to make if there are no right ones presented?!

This is a story of Chronos and Deimos. This is Mythology, Re-imagined!

Come and see some of your favorites deities from different mythologies put in a way you never saw them before!

Prepare to go on a crazy journey that doesn’t have heroes and villains, a journey where you will decide for yourself what is the right and what is wrong!

Fantasy! Mythology! Mystery! Action! All are present in this story so if you like any of these genres you will enjoy this series!

Welcome to the Nexus!

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Team consists of:

Writer/ creator Aron Pohara (Mangazine, Antarctic Press)

Sean Forney: ( Image, IDW,Zenescope)

Team Diaverik: Tsubasa Yozora and Andres Baquerizo (Hell House, Oddyseey: God of War

Jesse Heagy: Justice Society of America, Nightwing.

Aron Pohara: Originally from Croatia was raised on comic books and Sci-Fi. He decided to write his epic Book of Lyaxia ,a story 10 years in the making and fund it with successful kickstarter campaigns. He is also a frequent contributor to We The Nerdy and has interviewed many creators. He has just written of short story for Modern Mythology called Brothers of War.

Retailers get a huge discount now on this title now by going to and creating an account and pre-ordering.

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