RICH REVIEW: Sugar Glider # 2

Title: Sugar Glider # 2
Publisher: Glider Comix
Created by: Jason Webb/Shelbi Webb
Writers: Jason Webb/ Shelbi Webb
Artist/Letterer/Colorist: Ralvi Lingga Ariyan
Cover by: Chris Ehnot
Variant Covers by: Hedwin Zaldivar, Thomas Estrada
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lauren Yeung is a beautiful young girl with self-esteem issues. She has also developed some kind of powers. Lauren does have an escape from the world and that is her music. Even that she has low self-esteem about. She is drawn nicely as a beautiful young girl.
This issue has parts from the first issue reprinted in it.
The story is choppy in its cutting from one page to the next they should flow more smoothly together.
The X Ambassadors guess star in this issue and they are shown as wonderful people helping out when needed.
Lauren we see has gone too far. She has let her mind go. Now, this in part is because of the social aspects of society and her expectations drawn from it.
Sugar Glider is not used much at all this issue. Her name is the title of the comic so she should be in it more.
Lauren has developed a superpower that she instinctively knows how to use. She just needs to care about herself more and less about what others think of her.
The characters need to be explored more. It would be nice to see more focus in the story and on those in it rather than jumping from one part to another.
Having a comic that focuses on young teens problems is a wonderful idea and one that can actually help people for real.

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