RICH REVIEW: Sugar Glider # 1

Title: Sugar Glider # 1
Publisher: Glider Comix
Created by: Jason Webb/Shelbi Webb
Writers: Jason Webb/ Shelbi Webb
Artist/Letterer/Colorist: Marcelo Salaza
Cover by: Chris Ehnot
Variant Cover by: Ryan Kincaid
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating:  out of 5 stars
Comments: Jordyn McKenzie is acutely drawn, girl. Her big brown eyes will draw you in. She has a cool friend named Edgar.
The story moves along fast. This is the origin issue for Sugar Glider. As Jordyn is out in the woods when it strikes. This event is a small thing that is going to lead to a big change.
For some unknown reason, the word boxes and Jordyn’s thoughts in the word balloons are the same so it is repeating itself. The story is choppy. It just gets started on one part and it switches to another part of the story without the parts being fully connected. Sometimes the person speaking is not the one the word balloon is coming from.
Penny meanwhile is examining the meteorite. She is a nerd that is illustrated as a beauty.
Jordyn has a wingsuit already. Once she puts it on she does look like a super-hero.  She is enthusiastic about having gained powers.
A girl shows up with powers and she is suffering from not being noticed and thinking she is ugly. She really is not though. Jordyn does talk to her, she listens as well. This fight ends halfway through it so you have no idea what happened at the end of it.
The X-Ambassadors are guest stars in this issue.
This is the begging of a super-hero one out to protect those who need it most. Jordyn McKenzie aka Sugar Glider is a fresh new super-hero with a stylish look and ready to do good. Her attitude is one that defines her and will make her into a force to be reckoned with.

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