“DC Comics Super Villains: 100 Greatest Moments” New Book Features the Best of the Worst

Announcing DC COMICS SUPER VILLAINS: 100 GREATEST MOMENTS Publishing May 14, 2019

DC Comics has created some of the most twisted and complex villainous characters in the world of comics. The third installment in the popular 100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics series, and the perfect companion for DC’s Year of the Villain, the new book DC Comics Super-Villains by Robert Greenberger (May 14, 2019, Chartwell Books), features the pivotal acts that shaped the characters of 74 of these bad guys in over 200 pages of art.

All the favorite and infamous DC Comics villains are here: The Joker, Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, Dr. Sirvana, Gorilla Grodd, Fatal Five and so many more. In these pages, you will see these super-villains at the peak of their achievements; committing heinous acts of death and destruction, all to achieve a specific goal. A summary of each super-villain brings new fans up to speed, from their origins to their most dastardly revivals. It’s a great starting point for new readers or a nostalgic look for hardcore fans through the villains old and new.

PUBLISHING MAY 14, 2019…interested in interviewing the author or reviewing the book and would like a review copy? Just reply to this email.

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