REVIEW CORNER: What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?

What If…? (Vol. 1) # 1
(What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?)
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Jim Craig
Inker: Pablo Marcus
Letterer: John Constanza
Colorist: Janice Cohen
Cover Date: February 1977
With the season finale of “What If…?” now on the horizon, I’ll wrap up a series of What If reviews by taking a look at the one issue that started it all What If..? # 1 from 1977, where it asks the question What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?
In Amazing Spider-Man # 1, Spider-Man tried his hand at joining the FF in hopes of gaining funds and joining the team. While it didn’t work out, in this new reality Spidey suddenly gets called back by The Invisible Woman, then as the FF is renamed The Fantastic Five, quickly gaining triumph of the enemies they defeated, it doesn’t take long before Susan Storm finds herself the odd woman out as she spends most of her time sitting behind a monitor but things take a drastic turn as she ends up in the arms of Namor, The Sub Mariner (Who’s always carried a torch for Sue).
The story itself, written by Roy Thomas (One of the most iconic writers to come out of Marvel during the 70s), does a great job of taking the early adventures of both Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four and blending them into a story that not only revels in its action but helped kick off this unique concept that’s been a staple of Marvel for many decades. I always felt like Spider-Man should be on a team, especially one like the FF that explores the unknown. So in my opinion, seeing them together works well on all levels; Not going to lie, the ending is pretty sad (**NO SPOILERS**) but this story delivered something very out of the ordinary, but did it with flair and made us wonder what would happen if things turned out differently.
Well, that about does it for my series of “What If…?” reviews, next week I’ll be back with another review so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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