Trouble has a way of following JANE VASKO, so when an international job leads to her reuniting with someone from her past, the stakes are raised and the enemy will stop at nothing to ensure the mission is a failure.  In PAINKILLER JANE: HEARTBREAKER, writer JIMMY PALMIOTTI, art team of ROMINA MORANELLI and JOHN J. HILL take fans on an action-packed ride full of excitement, romance and life changing hazards! Featuring covers from superstars AMANDA CONNER, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, JG JONES JOSH BURNS,  AMANDA CONNER and an awesome cosplay cover by JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL and DAVE JOHNSON.

The creative team of Amanda Conner (@amandarantsalot)  and Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) and PaperFilms (@paperfilms1)  have launched and funded with extreme success 16 straight Kickstarter projects thanks to the wonderful support of their fans, they’re back for more!

With the latest campaign, the team returns to one of their favorite creations, PAINKILLER JANE! Launching now is PAINKILLER JANE: HEARTBREAKER, a 48 page, self-contained one shot story from the creative team of of JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Marvel Knights), artist ROMINA MORANELLI (Sex and Violence, Glarien), and designer extraordinaire JOHN J. HILL (Rage, Painkiller Jane, Sex & Violence, Pop Kill, Crossover) who team up to present an action packed adventure of Painkiller Jane teaming up with a surprise co-star from her past to deliver a special package. With high stakes, high drama, sexual themes, and TONS of action makes this a Mature Audience title.

Reward tiers include limited covers by a jaw dropping lineup, cosplay covers, exclusive remarque options along with the ever popular Mystery Box option.

To help launch this exciting return of PAINKILLER JANE, we’ve recruited a murder’s row of cover artists to give JANE the proper splash this story needs. With standard cover by ROMINA MORANELLI, we’ve added variant covers by: BILL SIENKIEWICZ (Elektra Assassin, Painkiller Jane, New Mutants), JG JONES (Black Widow, Final Crisis, Wanted, Strange Fruit), JOSH BURNS (Zenscope, History Channel), AMANDA CONNER (The Pro, Painkiller Jane, Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Before Watchmen) and an awesome cosplay cover by JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL and DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son, Pop Kill). This mega team provides limited edition and printed covers for this project!


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