Acclaimed Author Nicholas Mennuti and Legendary Artist Howard Chaykin Collaborate on the Visionary Sci-Fi Novella SCRAP

(October 6) This fall, digital publisher NeoText will publish SCRAP, a visionary new sci-fi novella from acclaimed author Nicholas Mennuti and legendary artist Howard Chaykin.

Meet Travis Schrader. He works nights at a data center housing the world’s most secret and sensitive information, which might sound exciting on the surface. But in practice, Travis is nothing more than a glorified midnight watchman with an advanced degree in engineering, plodding along on a fifteen-dollar-an-hour temporary contract. In short, Travis isn’t exactly changing the world. But who knew that aimlessly wandering through life meant you can be purchased by the highest bidder in the year 2431?

Travis is about to find out when he’s whisked from the data center to the future, where he is now the property of the world’s most powerful corporation and forced to do their bidding with no questions asked. He learns that his empty existence has placed him just far enough outside the progression of the space time continuum that his life can be manipulated without setting off a butterfly effect, as such, he has been “conscripted” as the company’s literal property, sold like corporate scrap. Now he will be sent out on dangerous missions to serve the interests of an elite super-class warring for the last few remaining spoils, and whose lives are far too important to risk.

Before it’s too late, Travis must realize that playing it safe in the future is no longer an option, if he wants to stay alive in the present.

The visionary sci-fi novella SCRAP will be published on October 12, 2021.

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