REVIEW CORNER: Taranis The Thunderlord # 2

Taranis The Thunderlord # 2 (2023)

Writer/Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
Artist: Luis Rivera
Colorist: Frederico Pepito Sioc, Jr.


I’ll be taking a look at the second issue of Taranis, The Thunderlord, written and lettered by Eric N. Bennett with art by this book’s new regular artist Luis Rivera (Taking over for Arnaldo Junior), and colors by Frederico Pepito Sioc, Jr.

In the second installment of an arc called “The Awakening”, the action between Taranis and a menacing beast known as Troll are wreaking havoc in the streets of New York City that comes at the readers at such a fact-pace but never lets up due to Eric N. Bennett making this story engaging to where he allows the reader to experience it firsthand all while watching all the plot elements unfold. Here, Bannett does not insult the audience instead he keeps the pacing and the exposition light and simple which in turn makes the story he’s telling more grounded and does not let things get out of control. The appearance of both The Agent and Sgt. Flag is a great touch and opens up some very interesting possibilities for Bennett to explore and he gets to do that on the last page (**NO SPOILERS**); Luis Rivera’s artwork will leave the readers speechless since his work looks to have some touches of Ron Lim’s work with some Ron Randall’s work thrown in for good measure. He also manages to bring a zestful feel to his work to where it never feels generic but he can create such magic to whatever story he’s working on. Bennett’s lucky to have Rivera as a collaborator.

Eric N. Bennett manages to take the classic Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz era of “Thor” and modernizes it so that even the most fickle comic book fan will find no faults with it as he makes Tanaris more heroic and not just another Thor ripoff. Tanaris The Thunderlord is the comic you’ll want to check out if you want a more classic alternate to Thor.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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