More Fun Than a Barrel of Androids … Simon N. Kirby, The Agent #6

The zany folks at G-Man Comics are back again. On the cusp of delivering on their latest Kickstarter with not one, not three but six new comics in the G-Man Universe. The Kickstarter for this latest crop of comics had no difficulty getting fully funded, likely due to the fantastic quality of previously delivered issues and the smooth fulfillment of those Kickstarter projects. I’ll do my best to highlight as many of the coming issues as I can but the first on my docket is Simon N. Kirby, The Agent #6. Easily my favourite G-Man Comics series, I dove right into my preview copy.

Cover Simon N Kirby The Agent #6
Cover Simon N Kirby The Agent #6

When the Federal Government passed a law that all superheroes must be registered, a super team was pressed into service to protect the nation. Placed under the authority of the FBI, Simon N. Kirby, whose codename is The Agent, is called upon to create a squad, selecting the best superheroes with powers and skills that match the needs of the latest mission. In issue #6, The Agent and Sgt. Flag have to manage the aftermath of the death of Terror Noir. The obligatory action-packed battle ensues when an army of androids attacks Simon and the Sarge, seemingly out of nowhere.

This comic is just a good time. Superhero comics doing what superhero comics do best. Colourful action, epic fights and some witty banter in between. I hesitate to use terms like retro, classic or old fashion but this is the stuff that made comics fun to read so many decades ago. It’s wonderful to open a comic that harkens back to some of those exciting Bronze and Copper Age stories.

Interiour Page Simon N Kirby The Agent #6
Interior Page Simon N Kirby The Agent #6

Spoiler’s Ahead!

After the events of Lynx #1, we open the issue with The Agent and his current team of heroes barging into the offices of Interim FBI Director, Michael Infantino. The Agent points his finger and dramatically proclaims that Infantino killed Terror Noir. Infantino gets on the phone with his co-conspirators to make a hasty get-a-way, only to be betrayed and shot dead by Jameson, his soon-to-be appointed replacement. Jameson covers his tracks by saying Infantino charged at him with a gun. Following a tough meeting between Kirby and Jameson, Kirby heads out to decompress a bit at the local coffee shop with Sgt Flag. Before they get a chance to dig into everything that was said in the meeting those pesky androids show up and we get several glorious pages of superheroes doing what superheroes do best, fight and make jokes. The sheer numbers of androids eventually overwhelm The Agent and Sgt. Flag. The two get thrown into the back of a van and driven to the ominous secret supervillain stronghold of … General Nuisance.

Now, this is the genius part of how writer Rik Offenberger (yes, that very same Rik Offenberger) structures his stories. One of the fun Kickstarter perks of G-Man Comics is a pledge level where your very own character can be drawn into an issue. Fans of the series can drop a few dollars and their creations become the heroes “chosen” as the current squad that issue. As General Nuisance lives up to his codename, annoying the heck out of Sgt Flag, six new heroes bust through the roof of the stronghold to save the day. Night Sun, Snakeheart, Smoke, Slam-Tilt, Cormoran and Sugarskull take over the action for a couple of pages, busting androids and freeing The Agent and Sgt. Flag. It’s a cool little story mechanic that I have taken advantage of in the past having my character, Kaptain Polska, appear in a previous issue. I bet you this issue will mean something special to those Kickstarter supporters, seeing their superhero concepts on the printed page in full colour. Of course, the final punch is justly awarded to The Agent himself, taking down the General and enduring one final pun from Sgt Flag.

Fun, fun, fun. I so overuse this word, it’s my shtick, but that’s what keeps me reading comics. Fun books like this. I can only imagine the smile on Rik Offenberger’s face as he comes up with the puns, banter and action. Art chores are all handled by Alan Faria whose slightly cartoony style just compliments the writing so well. Colourful, dynamic visual storytelling. Are you getting the impression I liked this latest issue? I sure did. Eric N. Bennett‘s normal word balloons are crisp and clear but his sound effects and shouts bring that bif-bang-pow magic to the pages without sliding into camp. Whu-boom indeed!

As mentioned, this was a Kickstarter so you had to have pledged to get your hands on the issues shortly. But look out for the next G-Man Comics Kickstarter, launching in August of this year HERE. Head on over to the official site HERE for more news.

Issue: Simon N Kirby: The Agent #6 | Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger | Artists: Alan Faria
Letters: Eric N. Bennett | Editor: Chris Squires
Cover Artists: Alan Faria, Eric Shanower, Gilbert Monsanto, Mike Cody & Steven Lidster, and Steven Butler

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