REVIEW CORNER: Sgt. Flag # 2

Sgt. Flag # 2 (2023)

Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Letterer: Francisco Zamora


Sgt. Flag could very well be everyone’s favorite comic book.

If you have a favorite comic book writer or artist, not to mention someone serving in either The Marines, The Army, or any Military outfit then this comic will make them not only fall in love with reading them but also make this proclamation – Sgt. Flag will no doubt be their favorite comic book hero of all time. OF ALL TIME!!

The second issue of the good Sgt.’s series finds him looking at a dead body that could only be the work of a villain known as Omnicrombie and his partner Fitch who looks like two demonic gargoyles (By the way, Excellent play on words with the villain’s names. Anytime someone can work in a Pop Culture reference and make it solid is a definite plus); After finding success in rescuing a hero called Mr. Mystery from the clutches of Omnicrombie and Fitch, Sgt. Flag kills the latter while the former seeks out his revenge and this is when the explosions and chaotic energy come into play that gives the readers a satisfying payoff.

Offenberger is victorious in his characterization of Sgt. Flag, as he makes him feel like John Rambo meets Peacemaker, but at the same time he also gives him a heroic edge that never sees him become juvenile nor overcompensate over every decision he has to make to save the day. The art, provided by Gilbert Monsanto is instrumental in getting all of the action-packed feels that Offenberger is going for but I also feel like Monsanto could benefit by being paired with an inker, preferably one that will excel in bringing out his designs while making his work look more vibrant.

Seeing Sgt. Flag graduated from a secondary character in the pages of “Simon N. Kirby: The Agent” to his own series is a testament to how popular he is once fans get a glimpse of his life and how it’s mostly chaotic but also shows everyone that patriotic heroes with an edge are still popular in the world of comics.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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