Neymar Jr. Comics Debuts New All-Ages Title, “Social Monsters”

First Kids’ Title Available on Fan the Flame’s Enhanced Digital Comics Platform

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fan The Flame Concepts LLC, an independent comic and graphic novel producer, today announced the debut issue of Neymar Jr. Comics’ first all-ages title aimed at younger readers, Social Monsters. Like other Neymar Jr. Comics titles, it’s available to read for free on Fan The Flame’s recently enhanced digital comics platform.

Social Monsters was developed by New York Times-bestselling author and comic and graphic novel creator Jason M. Burns. When a mysterious social media account goes viral after predicting creature attacks tied to artifacts of historical significance, a young man named Saber accepts his fate and becomes the protector of mankind, donning a powerful mech suit that makes anything one can imagine possible. Saber flies around the globe with his sidekick Davi in their high-tech ship, the Sparrowhawk, to fight the attacks and return the artifacts to the people.

“Since we launched Neymar Jr. Comics, the team at Fan the Flame has worked hard to make sure we also have titles that were suitable for young kids to read with their parents,” said Neymar Jr. “Social Monsters brings history, geography and science to life and combines the fun of a comic book with the importance of learning.”

Social Monsters is the first title from Neymar Jr. Comics to have a new issue every week, making it a perfect option for parents who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons to read along with their kids.

Aiming to expand on its already impressive audience—more than 2.6 million followers in just a year since its launch—Social Monsters is the latest title built on an entirely new model for comics, tailored to a younger audience’s mobile-driven habits and preferences. Short episodes of content will be available five days or more per week, in a free, ad-supported user interface that publishes in six languages and utilizes multiple reading capabilities, including the Digitoons vertical scrolling format, which is similar to other popular reading systems such as Webtoons.

Featuring art by Sergio Rios, Fernando Peniche, and Gilberto Ferrel with colors by Dustin Evans, Social Monsters is online at or through the dynamic, immersive experience of the Neymar Jr. Comics app. This breakthrough app for comic book fans is available in either iOS format through the App Store or Android format in the Google Play Store.

Like all Neymar Jr. Comics titles, Social Monsters donates a portion of its proceeds to the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., Neymar’s non-profit social organization. INJR aims to expand opportunities for children, adolescents and their families living in situations of social vulnerability through education, culture, sports and health.

Neymar Jr. Comics is also available for partnerships with entertainment ventures looking to license new, original stories, and the digital platform is an innovative, high-engagement avenue for advertisers and brands looking to reach audiences in an intuitive new way.

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