Miss Medusa’s Monstrous Menagerie

Miss Medusa’s Monstress Menagerie, Issue 1

CREATIVE TEAM:  Paul Hanley (Doctor Who, The Unthinkables) writer,
background artist, and colorist.  Matt Frank (Godzilla, Transformers,
Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) character artist.  Matt
Krotzer (Dark Horse, Image, Zenoscope) letters.

It’s 1963, and having a carnival of 666 monsters ain’t the draw it used to be. Miss Medusa’s Monstrous Menagerie is one of the last two Mythic shows left in the U.S., trucking from one backwater town to the next. It’s dirty work, and sometimes you barely make the nut, but America’s still the land of plenty (of rubes). For this season at least, Miss Medusa’s hiring, and you can still run away and join the circus!

ISSUE 1: OKLAHOMA CITY, September, 1963. Miss Medusa enters contract negotiations with Belinda, Wasp-Woman of Sussex. Sharon puts a finger on Calliope’s organ and vies with a Peryton for the vacant Publicist gig. Hob the Brownie doesn’t take shit off rubes. Red Comb Andy and Trash explain why you shouldn’t f*** with unionized Faeries. Damn near everybody gags on Churnmilk Peg’s Hawt Nutz.

Did we mention this richly detailed and quick witted series that Paul and Matt have crafted is intended for mature readers only?  We could, but you’ve probably gleaned that by now.

The Issue 1 Kickstarter campaign is running until November 5th (achieving Project We Love status AT LAUNCH and hitting goal in under 3 hours), and the Kickstarter features a badass set of backer premiums for all budgets, including a Sideshow Edition with different cover AND interiors, as well as a LIFESIZE (6.6 ft tall) Miss Medusa cardboard standee so you can bring the circus home!


It is scheduled for public release in November 2021.

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