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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 66
Daredevil # 30
Fantastic Four: Life Story # 1
The Flash # 770
Heroes Reborn # 3
Immortal Hulk: Time Of Monsters # 1
Justice League # 61
Radiant Black # 4
Shang-Chi # 1
Ultraman: The Trials Of Ultraman # 3
Ultramega # 3
Wonder Girl # 1

Fantastic Four: Life Story # 1 – In the tradition of “Spider-Man: Life Story”, Mark Russell and Sean Izaaske unite for a story that chronicles the adventures of Marvel’s First Family in a new and exciting way, setting it in real-time and this first issue is really breathtaking and I did enjoy how their origin was set in the backdrop of the Cold War and the Space Race while maintaining their roles as heroes in a world that’s changing. This is a series where it brings out the joy in any FF fan all while taking the factors that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made so interesting and presenting them in a way that makes them come across as real people.

The Flash # 770– The concept of Wally West jumping from speedster to speedster in different eras makes for a wonderful read and it reminds me so much of “Quantum Leap” it’s one of the most innovative yet fun factors to come out of The Flash; The WW2 backdrop and Wally West/Jay Garrick (The Golden-Age Flash) teaming up with The Ray against Hitler in an issue that brings back such fond memories of “All-Star Squadron” (And to be quite frank, this is the type of story that Roy Thomas would definitely sink his teeth into); You’ll even chuckle at the last page so, with that, this new era of The Flash is a good way to celebrate The Scarlet Speedster and at the same time, give his fans something fresh to enjoy.

Radiant Black # 3– After three issues it all comes down to this- Radiant Black vs Radiant Red, and believe me when I say that this issue, with its explosive narrative and down to earth elements, are two big reasons why this book is so popular, and be ready to be shocked towards the end of this issue (**NO SPOILERS**) because even thought the phrase “Nothing will ever be the Same” has been quite overused in comics, it’s looks to be true after the events of this issue.

Shang-Chi # 1– I’m finding myself coming around to the whole “Shang-Chi vs The Marvel Universe” concept mainly because I feel like it’s been overused by both Marvel AND DC but with some great creativity behind it, it could be a tremendous story. Really loved the Spider-Man appearance as well as Shang-Chi coming to terms with this newfound role as the leader of the Five Weapons Society and how most of the heroes in the Marvel Universe see him and with that concept up and running, not to mention Shang-Chi going back to its roots, this could be another hit for Marvel, especially for the fans who get fatigued from the non-stop superhero stories.

Wonder Girl # 1– Yara Flor is indeed the breakout star of the “Future State” titles earlier this year but now she’s graduated to her own title and taking on the role of Wonder Girl. I’ll admit that some bits of this issue moved slow, and I do enjoy how Yara is beginning her journey to find out who she really is, but with Joelle Jones at the helm, I do feel like things will get better after this issue because Yara can definitely rise up to the level of Batman and Superman with time.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ll be back so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time. See you soon.

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