How Embracing Pop Culture Has Contributed to Bingo’s Longevity

Just like many industries have had to evolve with modern times, so have some of the most recognizable forms of entertainment. From movies and TV shows to music and video games, they have all been disrupted by digitization and have figured out solutions on how to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behavior. Bingo, one of the most popular forms of gambling, has also had to adapt the way it is consumed, as well as what it delivers to its customers.

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The Move to Online Platforms

To stay afloat, the first step bingo took was to move online, so that players can have easier access to it and a wider variety of games to choose from. Whether they prefer the traditional games or the new, upgraded versions, players are spoiled with choice on online platforms. To find out the best online bingo game for their needs, players can access a selection of tutorials and help guides at Paddy Power Bingo.

Once there, they can also check out some of their unique bingo titles, daily specials, and exclusive offers. These unique bingo titles have been curated to fit in with the modern days and are based on popular TV shows. Perhaps some of the most well-known examples include the likes of Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The games feature some of the most recognizable elements of the game shows, such as the 22 mystery boxes and the ‘phone a friend’, ‘ask the audience’, and ’50/50′ lifelines.

Pop Culture-Themed Events

Online platforms allow software developers more room for creativity and therefore it is easier to embrace unusual themes. However, besides moving online, the key to ensuring bingo’s longevity was creating a connection with its players through its pop-culture-themed events. Both Music Bingo and Rock and Roll Bingo are fun spins on the traditional game that have been enjoyed throughout the years by many players.

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The standard format is replaced by short clips from popular songs, which players need to recognize and then dab on their cards. The twist here is that even a Music Bingo night can have its sub-theme, so the songs played can be from a certain musical or a certain decade. Just like it is the case for traditional bingo, songs will keep getting played until someone manages to mark five of them in a consecutive line and shout ‘Bingo!’.

These events are so popular that people have started organizing their own. For a successful music-themed bingo night, there needs to be a caller and a few players, as well as bingo cards with the songs that will be played once the game starts. The songs can be decided by the caller, who will also be the person pressing the play and stop button and deciding on the winner.

Developers have seen pop culture as a great way to improve bingo and to bring it back to the public’s eye and from there, their imagination has not disappointed. From the traditional 75-ball game to the high-quality graphics and music soundtracks available on online platforms, there has been a lot of hard work. In the end, the effort to modernize this game was worth it and it can keep being enjoyed by new generations as well.

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