Last Wolf Legion and Source Point Press bring Good Boy to Kickstarter

There are no bad dogs, just tragically murdered owners.

From Garrett Gunn and Christina Blanch, two people who love violence as much as they love canines, comes Good Boy, a bloody revenge story with a bite.

Launching on Kickstarter this summer, Good Boy tells the story of the dog of an ex-hit-man who vows to track down the gangsters that killed his owner and took everything from him.

“Yes, this is a parody of a very popular film franchise. However, there’s a lot more to it than that, and as this series and the planned arcs that will follow in the coming years are released, we hope you will see what we are building towards,” says Gunn.

Gunn and Blanch have teamed up with visual maestro Kit Wallis to guide readers through a barking ballet of vengeance.

“Kit Wallis is somehow the perfect blend of insane and talented. His composition, dynamic approach to color, and intimate attention to detail make him one of the most incredible partners in comics,” says Gunn.

Previously teased via the Source Point Press Ashcan Program, Good Boy made a splash among collectors who are eagerly awaiting the full comic.

Source Point Press and Last Wolf Legion are divisions of Ox Eye Media, publishing books, comics, and graphic novels. Good Boy is coming to Kickstarter this summer.

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