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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman Beyond # 47
Batman/Superman # 12
Canto II: The Hollow Men # 2
Daredevil # 22
Dark Nights Metal: Speed Metal # 1
Doctor Doom # 7
Fantastic Four: Anithesis # 2
Flash # 762
Immortal She-Hulk # 1
Juggernaut # 1
Maestro # 2
Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 2
Shazam # 15
Spider-Man # 4
Spider-Man Noir # 4
Spider-Woman # 4
Tales Of Suspense (Facsmile Edition) # 39
Undiscovered Country # 8

Canto II: The Hollow Men # 2- It’s always fun to go and revisit the world that Canto lives in and with this new series, the excitement and the whole “danger that lurks around every corner” aspect give the series its charm all while, when it comes to Canto, giving us a hero that we can cheer for and displaying the bravery that drives him to not only be a sensational hero but a character with heart.

Dark Nights Metal: Speed Metal # 1- While I’m not going to get EVERY tie-in to “Dark Nights: Metal” I felt that this one was of top-notch quality in terms of storytelling and artwork; Sure, this special packs in the whole ‘Standing in the Shadows” bit with Barry Allen and Wally West that could feel a little melodramatic as it’s been done before (Trust me, it has) but once the story itself got rolling, that didn’t seem to matter. What really mattered was that this story is the definite Wally West story and I really loved how Wally got the spotlight on him as opposed to how his fate turned out in “Heroes In Crisis” and this special marked another highlight in Joshua Williamson’s Flash run because not only can he write a fantastic Barry Allen story be he also excels in writing a wonderful Wally West story and with the fast-paced (No pun intended) story that accompanies this special, it’s a great read.

Flash # 762- This………..was………flat out……….AWESOME!! The conclusion of “Finish Line” saw Barry Allen end his war with Eobard Thawne (The Reverse Flash) and I really dug how Joshua Willamson wrapped up his four year run on this title as he did with style and grace, plus the story will keep you on the edge of your seat when it comes to asking “What’s Next?” and “This is totally cool!!”; So this issue is, and in my opinion, always will be the perfect way for a writer to close out their run on a title. This issue will hit your heart and every Flash fan will appreciate the excitement and thrills that Joshua Williamson brought to this title all while making it more amazing than the tv series. Now it’s time to wait and see what comes next.

Immortal She-Hulk # 1 – A great companion piece to Immortal Hulk and I really like the magic that Al Ewing worked. The Sci-Fi and Horror elements worked very well with She-Hulk as the star and adding Brian Banner was a very nice touch, tying this special to the Immortal Hulk series made it so great and showcasing how She-Hulk died so many times really gave this story the feel that showed us another side of Jennifer Walters and her persona but hopefully I hope that Al Ewing and Jon Davis-Hunt (Who’s artwork was without a doubt, a masterpiece) could make “Immortal She-Hulk” an ongoing series somewhere down the line.

Juggernaut # 1- At first I was somewhat skeptical about The Juggernaut getting his own title but with Fabian Nicieza (One of the greatest comic book writers to emerge) at the helm, you cannot go wrong and Nicieza shows us just that as he really gave is a strong story involving Cain Marko working with Damage Control and meeting a young mutant called “D-Cel” and when it comes to those stories in which Cain finds an unlikely connection with a fellow mutant and wearing his heart on his sleeve, the story flows very nicely because of it and it’s also entertaining;Cain’s connection with D-Cel reminds me so much of his budding friendship with Sammy “Squid-Boy” Pare’ (From the Chuck Austen era of “Uncanny X-Men”) which was astonishing and Nicieza has not lost a step when it comes to writing a X-Men story, and Ron Garney’s art sometimes has that Frank Miller vibe to his art but for the most part, it looks flawless (Nice to see he’s not going overboard with the inking); So this title is a must-have for any old-school X-Men fan.

Maestro # 2- I’m really enjoying seeing The Hulk continue his evolution into The Maestro and as always, Peter David is also continuing his streak of delivering such intriguing stories and seeing Hulk meet up with an Immortal Machine Man to seeing the fall of civilization. This is truly a ride that’s worth taking and brings a new never before told chapter to the Hulk’s mythos.

Spider-Man # 4- It’s a beautiful thing to see this series come to what could be a great conclusion’ Ben (Peter Parker’s son) is really coming into his own as the new Spider-Man, only I can’t take Cadaverous (The main villain of this story) very seriously as I fell like he’s a cheesy 1980’s Sci-Fi villain so a HUGE part of me wishes that Henry & J.J. Abrams would have created a more compelling villain rather than one whose sole purpose is to extract blood from Peter Parker (**YAWN**) but the action sequences are totally on point thanks to Sara Pichell’s artwork and fingers crossed that the ending to this series will be epic.

Tales Of Suspense (Facsimile Edition) # 39- This is another facsimile edition that is a perfect addition to anybody’s collection, and I loved the two short tales that accompany the Iron Man origin story which will have any fan reminiscing on Marvel early days when they did “Outer Limits” style anthology stories before their superhero boom. Another must-have for any comic collector.
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