RICH REVIEWS: Section 12: Declassified # 2

Title: Section 12: Declassified # 2
Publisher: Lenovations Press
Story, Lettering: Len Mihalovich
Pencils and Inks: Dominic Racho
Flashback Pencils and Inks: Michael Kelleher
Character Profile: Pencils, Inks: Phil Miller, Colors: Len Mihalovich
Paintings: Jason Whitley, Shawn Vermette, Mike Hoffman, Delfin Barral
Back Cover: Pencils, Inks: Josh C. Lyman, Colors: Len Mihalovich
Coloring: Nestor Redulla Jr., Len Mihalovich, Lawrence Guerrero
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Michelle Dubois is reviewing Jamie Whitney’s case. He saw too much at Section 12. The one creature is vicious looking and frightening. Jamie was confronted with the unknown and he retreated from it and hid away.
Michelle’s body when she goes into action the proportions on her legs are way off. In one panel her upper leg is bigger than her waist.
Michelle visits Ward. Michelle is some kind of secret agent or something. Exactly what is going on is not explained. Having some mystery is nice yet you do need some clue about why things are happening.
The scenes of Michelle doing acrobatics down a building are a great bit of excitement in the issue. It gives you a clue to just how good this woman is.

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