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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman: Urban Legends # 17
Daredevil # 1
Fantastic Four # 45
I Am Batman # 11
Moon Knight # 13
Spider-Man 2099: Exodus # 4
Spider-Punk # 3
Undiscovered Country # 19

Batman: Urban Legends # 17– This issue of “Urban Legends” is a salute to team-ups as the four stories presented here feature Batman teaming up with some familiar faces so to speak; From Teaming up with The Flash against the threat both Mister Freeze and Captain Cold followed by a pulse-pounding adventure with Aquaman and Mera, a tense showdown with Black Adam (Who will be popping up in any DC title before his movie hits theaters) and a usual Gotham City story that features Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin which I felt was 100% filler material. Still, the other three stories pay homage to “The Brave and The Bold” with such respect and give the readers memories of how exciting it was when Batman would team up with any various heor from the DC Universe. This is an absolute winner, only it could have been done without the last story.

Daredevil # 1– Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto unite once again for a new era for everyone’s favorite Man Without Fear; WIth the apparent death of Matt Murdock following the vents of “Devil’s Reign”; DD decides to leave NYC so that he and Elektra can prepare to take down The Hand, but not before he says goodbye to some os his most trusted friends, and that includes Spider-Man in a wonderful sequence that sees the two of them teaming-up while addressing his secret identity which is no longer known to certain people thanks to part to the children of The Purple Man but trouble, in the form of Matt’s guardian devil,
bring a tragedy that DD can’t come back from (**NO SPOILERS**); Brilliant storytelling from Zdarsky that really highlights how DD has to live in the dark (No pun intended) in order to find some kind of content within himself and I really enjoy how this issue sets up one of the darkest eras in DD’s history because it feels like this may break him or make him stronger. With stories like this being so appealing, the days of the swashbuckling and jovial DD are a thing of the past and Zdarsky is continuing to forge a path for DD’s world that surpasses EVERYTHING Frank Miller ever did to the character, but this just better.

Spider-Punk # 3– Spider-Punk and his Amazing Friends travel to Philadelphia to face off with the Kingpin but they do get a chance to meet with Daredevil, who in this alternate reality, is recast as a Punk-Rock loving Latina who’s a drummer which is a really cool way to see DD in a new light and adds more great layers to the character’s legacy. Just like the last two issues, this one continues to take pride in its colorful aspects while injecting the ethos of non-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, and direct action to such great effect that gives the series its identity but it never shies away from it. This series should be read with the presence of a Punk Rock soundtrack, which I feel is the definitive essence of cool.

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