Why Lightsabers Make Great Comic-Con Weapons

A comic convention is an event that gathers many comic books and pop culture fans worldwide. This event lets them meet creators of their favorite franchises and experts to share thoughts and ideas. Usually, comic cons are held multi-days in large convention centers, hotels, etc. Many mini-events and activities related to different fandoms are available for the attendees.

At the same time, this event serves as an opportunity for rising creators to start promoting their works, as well as publishers, distributors, retailers, and authorized prop and merchandise sellers. Actors who play comic book characters are usually present in big cons to bond with their fans and promote their upcoming or current movies. For any pop culture fan, comic con is the largest and most significant fan convention that we have today.

Aside from the creators and other staff, what makes comic con an iconic fan convention is the number of attendees who appear in complete cosplays. An extensive range of genres makes up the comic convention, including, animation, anime, collectible card games, fantasy novels, horror, manga, toys, video games, and webcomics. This variety offers a more significant opportunity for attendees to select a character they would cosplay for the event. Their hair, makeup, costumes, and even mannerisms that pattern their selected comic book character are present at the convention. They also interact with people from their fandom or other fandoms.

Star Wars Lightsabers And Its Influence To Pop Culture

In pop culture, what comes next to one of the giant comic book and movie franchises ever that have become a cultural icon, if not Star Wars? For over four decades, fans worldwide have shared the same fascination for this American epic science fiction saga. The franchise propelled itself as a pop culture phenomenon relevant to every generation. With nine movies on their roster and several other movie spin-offs, the fans of the Star Wars universe will find no shortage of ideas for cosplaying in the next comic con.

When somebody mentions Star Wars, there’s nothing more iconic than the primary weapon of the film’s characters – the lightsaber. A lightsaber is a handheld fictional energy sword shown as a luminescent plasma blade with energy emitted from a metal hilt. Protagonists and antagonists both utilize this weapon. As presented in the films, it can burn and melt through objects with little resistance and deflected by an opposing lightsaber blade, allowing the melee weapon to have a cutting and a burning ability. It has been one of the most recognizable items in today’s pop culture.

Battle With Your Friends With Toy Lightsabers

If you’re one of the Star Wars fans planning to attend a comic con, you don’t need to be an actual Jedi and search for a Kyber crystal in ice caves. This weapon is now available in stores, such as Galaxy Sabers sell combat lightsabers that are duel ready, meaning you can have realistic lightsaber fights with your friends mimicking your favorite Star Wars characters.

NeoPixel lightsaber from Galaxy Sabers

Reasons To Consider Lightsabers As Your Weapon For The Next Comic-Con

If you’re considering bringing a weapon to add to your cosplay ensemble, here are some reasons a lightsaber would be a perfect choice.

  • Lightsabers are OK

If you delve into the world of pop culture’s comic books and movie characters, you’ll find that most of them yield their weapons. However, comic cons don’t allow every weapon in the event. A significant event such as that would have guidelines regarding what’s permitted or not. However, suppose you’re considering getting a lightsaber. In that case, you’re in luck, these, along with canes and staff, are allowed, and there’s a low chance that you’ll need to close inspection for that. Lightsabers are generally not considered weapons that can cause harm to other attendees or the event. This quality makes it hassle-free for your whole comic con experience. This general rule, however, doesn’t apply if you’re planning to bring an actual plasma energy sword to the convention.

  • You Can Join Lightsaber Battles with Other Cosplayers and Attendees

One lightsaber-wielding Star Wars fan in a comic con is fun. Still, a group of people with lightsabers battling with each other in a friendly, light-hearted fight would be so much better. With lightsabers that you can purchase online, you can struggle with other attendees willing to go on a battle against you, complete with the light and sound effects. These lightsaber battles can make your whole comic con attendance fun and bring a lot of happy experiences with you. They can also be a great way to make new friends with other Star Wars fans.

  • Lightsabers Have an Amazing Light and Sound to Show Off at The Event

Unlike other weapons from comic book franchises, lightsabers from Star Wars are one of the most exciting handheld weapons you can bring to the world’s most excellent comic convention. The flash of lights and colors and the sound that the lightsaber creates include the slight hum and the rising pitch sound it makes when waved during a battle with your friends. Lightsabers make a fantastic addition to your comic con attendee outfit, making it a perfect weapon of choice as you walk through the doors of the next convention.

  • Set of realistic light swords. Vector illustration

    You Can Choose a Type of Lightsaber and Customize One for Yourself

In the films released by the Star Wars franchise, numerous variations of the lightsaber and its forms, colors, and length are depicted depending on the wielder’s alliance and purpose. There are four themes of lightsabers to base your outfit and cosplay on, including:

1.) The Jedi Theme is usually metallic silver in color with black accents that represent peace and justice,

2.) The Sith Theme features mostly black tones with angular designs that represent power and control,

3.) The Nature Theme with a metallic silver embossed curly decorative design which is the main feature that represents the elemental nature, and

4.) The Old Republic Theme has metallic silver with gold and bronze accents that represent defense and protection.

Based on what lightsaber and allegiance you prefer to side with, these lightsabers are available in shops that sell realistic replicas of the weapon. The weapons have high-grade color LEDs that can change modes and sounds when fighting or clashing with other sabers. These include blasters, removable blades, and a good grip on the handles.


Attending a comic con should allow you to experience and participate in special activities and events. A weapon representing your allegiance to Star Wars and its influence on pop culture is a great way to do so. If you have a lightsaber and a willingness to engage in lightsaber battles with your fellow attendees, the next comic con would be a fantastic memory to bring with you. Bring a lightsaber of your choice the next time you pack for a few day’s trips to the next comic convention, and may the force be with you.

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