Acclaimed actor, AEW Champion, musician, bestselling author, podcaster, game show host and television personality Chris Jericho’s alter ego, The Painmaker comes to life in a cutting-edge graphic novel previewed exclusively at San Diego Comic Con.

Teaming up with Semkhor Studios, The Painmaker Graphic Novel takes Jericho’s creation of a flawed intergalactic serial killer hunter and brings him to life utilizing the best aspects of blockchain technology and the comic book medium.

Coming in September, The Painmaker will be accessible via unique NFTs within the story. There will be opportunities to own a limited NFTs of each frame, the ability to unlock animations, and gain access to The Painmaker metaverse when it opens at the end of the year. The innovative graphic novel will have each issue distributed in sections of 2-8 pages being released (within each issue) every two weeks.

At Comic Con, Chris will do selected interviews with members of the press and share exclusive artwork on Saturday. On Sunday, he will share his secrets of storytelling and his experience of creating The Painmaker on the Winner Twin’s Sunday panel alongside a group of all-star writers.

Chris Jericho will be at booth 1601 on Saturday, July 30th (times to be determined). The panel, How To Create Your Own Novel: From First Idea to Publishing, will be on Sunday, July 31st from 1 pm to 2 pm in Room 25ABC.

To participate in this unique event and project, go to SEMKOR. IO/PAINMAKER and sign up for early access and special opportunities.

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